23 August 2008

Public School Students Must Wear GPS Monitor

"Students and parents must understand that attending school is not optional," [Judge] Penn said. "When they fail to attend school, they are breaking the law."

According to this FOX NEWS article, the "law" allows for so-called "truant" students to be tracked by a non-removable GPS monitor. Their every move will be tracked, but only for their own good.

I'm *sure* that forcing children to school in this fashion will make for excellent students who are the pride of their schools. These students will be diligent in their studies and their deportment will be one the teachers look forward to witnessing on a daily basis.

I'm sorry for the teachers and students who have to share a classroom with these children.

I understand the concept of a "free and appropriate education," but honestly, I think after about 14, students should be able to drop out or attend as they and their parents wish. And as much as I hate the stupidity of the rules of large institutions like public schools, there DO need to be some rules for all the students to follow. In my opinion, the court-ordering of older children to attend school and the methods used for enforcement will not make for citizens who respect or obey the law. Further, the costs associated with enforcement could be used on other things.


  1. Non-removable GPS? That's a trampling on one's civil rights!

    Long ago formal education was a privledge, then it was a right, and I suppose now it is a requirement.

    I guess we no longer have the basic human right to be ignorant. We are going to be educated if we like it or not.

    Has a Nazi stench to it.

  2. is there an age limit to this stuff? first students that won't go to school and then who's next? sounds like they're trying to open a door...

  3. I don't think they need the gps either. The kids parents should be notified and they can deal with it.

  4. Well, if the kids' parents don't care, the kid is older and doesn't want to go and is causing disruptions in school, what's the point???

    It isn't going to help the other students, or the teachers, or the reluctant student himself. You know? We'll just be spending more money trying to make ourselves feel better that this kid "got an education."


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