14 September 2008

Are You Tired Yet?

Is anyone even listening anymore to the McCain-Obama battle of 2008? I'm thinking by the time November rolls around, I'll be so accustomed to hearing jabs, jokes and who's endorsing who updates that I'll forget to vote.

Just a cute aside, did you know that the Obama campaign is ripping off the poor? Yeah. John McCain's shirts and hats are cheaper, and here's the research to prove it. You know, I really don't see where it would be a copyright violation to print up shirts that say, "I'm voting Democrat" or "Republican 2008." Sell 'em for $6 at your local hot dog stand and make a profit. But I guess to show your loyalty, you must purchase these collectors' items now.

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  1. I've already made up my mind, so I'm not really following it. I have daily emails from my mom with stuff about Palin (she has some super-liberal friends that send them to her), but I don't watch the news (or any tv at all).

    Doesn't surprise me about Obama. I hope, if he wins (God forbid), I can somehow respect him.


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