06 September 2008

Being Frugal. Because I Won't Spend $10 on Pizza.

Sam's Club loves us. We use MEGA pizza sauce from the big can and scoop it into old apple sauce jars, where it keeps nicely. MEGA mozzerella cheese and MEGA pepperoni. And a 25-pound bag of flour. Elf and Emperor cook something every Tuesday, and lately it's been pizza. We've been reading Doctor Dolittle while we eat our lunches as well.


  1. the zookeeper got a kick out of this. That is the way we feel too!

    We read Dr. Doolittle too. The kids liked it mostly. Sometimes it got a little slow for them.

  2. I can't get my wife to go for the MEGA tomato sauce can from Costco because I can't get her to make me pizza three times a week.

    But just about everything else is MEGA at our house. My wife's sister says we "shop like pioneers."

    Yes. Yes we do.



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