09 September 2008

Hey Babe, Can I See Your Card?

From Catherine's post titled, Official License to Fornicate:

"Forget heeding God's word about the consequences of sexual impurity, there are ways around that! Introducing the "Safe Sex License". I thought they were joking when I saw this on the local nightly news. If I am understanding correctly, this is how it works; you meet someone at the local bar or whatever other high class establishment you happen to be at and decide that you'd like to go ahead and engage in sex acts with them. To put your mind at ease, they show you their Safe Sex License. You call the number on it and are prompted to enter a pin at which point you will hear a list of information related to their past year of STD testing."

I have to wonder about fake IDs though. That's just the cynic in me talking there.

Yup, there's some sexy stuff goin' on at Catherine's place. Her posts are always thought-provoking, or honest, or controversial. Sometimes even all three at once. Go say "hi" if you'd like to read something different today.


  1. Thanks Mrs. C, my blog is sexy isn't it? Because nothing says sexy like a waddling 8 month pregnant lady with slight urinary incontinence!

  2. Um, yeah, and do these folks get tested DAILY!!! For Pete's sake, that is just dumb.

    By the way, I am with you on the women in office thing (Daja's blog). I didn't even post a comment over there, because you said it better than I could. :-) I have the same questions. I've never felt it was a good idea for women to have church positions above men...for so many reasons.


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