03 September 2008

The Newest, Greatest Game

Elf and Emperor are studying the French Revolution in Social Studies. Now, of course, the Sydney Funnel-web spider attack game is just old news. The newest, greatest game is to jump out and shout, "Le Guillotine!!" and chase the other boy while shouting, "CHOP chopchop chopchopchop!"

I hope no one asks about the little "chop" marks on poor baby J at church tonight. I would hate to have to explain that the marks on ANY of my younger children were actually caused by, "Le Guillotine!"

I think all nouns in our house currently have a "le" attached to them. Le pencil. Le test. Le calculator and le math. Pepe Le Pew must approve.

Le Au Revoir!


  1. That's cute!

    Tink just said today that she would like to learn another language preferably spanish. I privately wonder if she could since she cant seme to even grasp English! LOL

  2. Aaaahhh...je parles francais, mais je ne parle pas bien! *I know I totally butchered that*
    ...Le Moi

  3. Mommybear, I'm impressed! And you wrote that without a trace of an English accent, too!

    Mrs. D, we had that same struggle with G. He wanted to learn German, but I went and had the school drop that for an art class. I just think it's beyond him, though I wouldn't object to his learning a few phrases or whatever if he wanted to. More the declining of verbs and putting everything in the right order would be too much.

  4. Your boys crack me up. They are so very creative!

  5. That was so funny.. le chop, le thwack, le ouch...


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