10 September 2008

Obama = Jesus.

Ya know, it doesn't really matter who you're voting for this election when you see silly things like this. Obama is a community organizer *just like Jesus* but Palin was a governor *just like Pontius Pilate.* And while we're at it, let me mention that Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah... just like Satan is a lion seeking whom he may devour. Oh, and Jesus was a king, just like Ahab. The point? While we're at it, perhaps I should mention that Jesus never held an elected office and that His foreign policy seems to be extremely Zionist. (Good grief!) So who would Jesus vote for? What if the answer were something like, "Jason Zigglesnork of Toggleston, Georgia?" Would it make any difference? Why is "Jesus" a campaign thing? On both sides of the aisle, they're assuming Jesus is one of them. Last I checked, you need to bring YOURSELF into alignment with HIM, not the other way 'round. Some of my Christian brothers and sisters disagree a bit about what that's gonna look like, and that's ok. But I'd have to ask you, are you at least trying? Bless you today as you think about that one. :]


  1. Well that is sure stretching the truth to make your point. Some people will do just about anything to make their side right. Especially people who think that they might have any influence.

    I think I just might vote for Jason Zigglesnork. LOL!

    Man people are just bizarre these days.

  2. Just so you know I meant that guy not you!

  3. LOL Well, I know I was purposely giving a weird argument. I don't know about the guy. I read somewhere else that he desperately needs a comb.

  4. Oh brother. I'm starting to get dizzy, because I can't stop my eyes from rolling!

    I do love your commentary, though.

  5. No no no, don't you know Srah Palin is Deborah from the Bible now a days! *wink*
    God Bless,

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