23 September 2008

Tea On Tuesday.

We usually do some cooking and extra reading on Tuesdays, but I haven't posted anything on the topic in about forever as we haven't cooked anything unusual or different in quite some time. Today, we used a recipe in Clubhouse Jr. to make streudel. The recipe calls for preserves, sprinkles, and refrigerated crescent dough. We also ate some apple slices with some hot chocolate as the story characters drank hot chocolate with their snack. We read a story while the food was cooking.


  1. I didn't realize before I published the picture that you can see trash on the floor. Our crescent roll tube fell and I figured I'd get to it after we ate. I'm picky about touching trash during mealtimes! :]

  2. lol if that is the only trash on the floor you have you are doing awesome. you should see our floor.

    those sound so yummy. I may have to try them.

  3. Tea on Tuesday.....sounds so pleasant! What a lovely tradition!

  4. I am glad to Tuesday Tea. I always meant to do this and then promptly forget on Tuesday.

    Yours always looks like so much fun.

  5. You know I needed a kick to get back into the Tea On Tuesday.......I will have to get back to posting and do it next week. I need to get out of this slump I'm in......Thank you so much for still doing it. Miss ya


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