09 October 2008

About Nana.

Not my Nana, though I had one, too. This is about Dianne's Nana. See her picture? She's posted on Nana and what women have had to go through to get the vote. Dianne is my political opposite but close to my heart. Pop by and read her post on women voting. A short excerpt:

"I just learned that Nana tried to register to vote and was intimidated and ridiculed by the workers at the Board of Elections. They made fun of her broken English; her combination Yiddish/Russian/English and her appearance. Nana had very bad circulation problems and wore heavy stockings to ease the pain and to hide the veins she was so ashamed of. Being so small the stockings always drooped and gathered.

I never thought to ask her why she didn’t vote. I wish I had been older when that happened, I would have had a thing or two to say at the Board of Elections."

Be sure to say "hi" to Dianne; I know she loves company just as her Nana did.

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  1. Nana would be thrilled to be meeting so many new people, she loved that. I do take after her that way - Nana would talk to anyone, anytime, about anything! As I do she had the most diverse group of friends.

    Thank you for spreading the story - sending hugs :)


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