14 October 2008

Homeschool Update.

Bob Jones English and Grammar, Grade 3. We're up to Chapter Three. I am finding that the third grade curriculum is very much like the second, but tweaked up a notch. Now, we're going over singular, possessive and singular possessive nouns:


Ok, that can be tricky! Just wait until they throw in the plural possessive nouns and watch their little faces rumple!

Completed Everyday Math Unit 1. Working on Singapore Math, Grade Four Unit 1. It's very similar math, but difficult to teach in that one must find the "factors" and "multiples" of numbers alone. I find even I miss finding some "factors" in that four is also a factor of 48. I'd remember 1, 48, 6 and 8. But not four. I keep missing stuff like that. Now we're jumping into finding "common multiples" of numbers. For example, a common multiple of 3 and 4 would be 12.

Different animals live in different regions of the world. The climate of a place is affected by temperature, the amount of water there, the type of soil and other factors. We're just doing a brief overview of this subject.

Social Studies
Lewis and Clark passed through by following the river about ten minutes' drive away. Before their exploration of this area, it was full of wild animals, Indians and a few Frenchmen. No Wal-Mart, so packing carefully is essential. We're learning about the Voyage of Discovery. I have lots of stuff on this topic so it will take a while.

We've been reading silly math puzzle books as well as our ABeka readers. We had left these readers alone for a little while so that we could look through some library treasures. Now that we're returning to the second and third-grade readers, I'm finding the boys are more fluent and have more understanding of what they just read.

Home Economics
Our ice-cream ball cooking experiment was a disaster. I'll have to post pics later, but maybe I am doing something wrong, or have used the wrong ingredients. We've made pies and other fun things over the last month, though.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about your school day.

    As soon as we get Bob Jones English in the mail we will be switching from R&S English 5 to BJ English 5. Hope we made the right decision =)

    Nice blog!


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