25 October 2008

Jesse James Farm - Outhouse.

Brr... this is not a place I'd want to have to go to the bathroom in the winter. Fifty feet from the house in the wind in the middle of the night. Bleck, but I wouldn't want my home to smell of "chamber pot," either. It isn't like Jesse's mom could have lit candles to disguise the smell, either. Or used air fresheners. Thank God for indoor plumbing, would ya?


  1. Wouldn't it be some thing to really have to use that facility?! My mother still tells me about her childhood and growing up with an "outdoor bathroom." We've experienced the modern port-a-pots at a couple of the outdoor Christian rock festivals but that's in the day time and summer. I can't imagine it at night or the winter.

    What a great place for your boys to see nature and history. My girls would be ok with the history but they aren't thrilled with snakes or bugs. :-)



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