11 October 2008

The Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart

Ok, so it has a couple bad words in it but it's awfully cute. I keep getting emails from the GOP in my inbox. "Another debate win for John McCain" or "Talking Points for this week" or "Local Party - You're invited" subject lines. You know, I spent maybe three hours last election making some phone calls for the Bush campaign and everybody seems to take that to mean that I'm some sort of dittohead Republican yes-man (or voting chick, or whatever). You've got to admit that watching Palin debate, you start to cringe each time she says "maverick." Ick.


  1. The reason I don't watch presidential or VP debates is that I end up yelling at both idiots - uh - I mean candidates. I have to admit to liking Palin for two reasons. She's got a spine, and she's caused such foaming at the mouth hysteria amongst Obama supporters, it's forced their true hypocrisy to shine through. Not that there isn't more than a bit of the same on the Republican side, but Democrats have been going truly insane.

  2. Don't follow the media's presentation of politics (so no watching of the debates for me), but I love that image. Hilarious. However, I'm currently in search of a good source of real information about my options as a voter. I wish I could find something useful....



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