11 October 2008

A Wedding.

I went to a wedding of my very good friend. We both have children on the spectrum (well, she has "only" one on the spectrum) and other strange coincidences in our lives. She was married before, and almost everyone there seemed to want to allude to the fact and the reason for the breakup.

"Sure hope this one works out," was something I heard more than once. Once from a very close relative of the bride! I got tired of trying to be cheerful to these people and say in a semi-naive way, "Oh! Sure hope so! 'Person' is very smart and I'm sure she made a good pick." I left before the cake was even served. I just couldn't stand the people at the reception.

I met the groom for the first time at the wedding and do you know what he said? He's very happy with her, but he knows soon the scales will fall off of her eyes and she'll see what she's done and be sorry. But he "hopes it will work out" so that she doesn't figure it out until after the ceremony.

Good grief, people can be toxic. What did they put that poor man through? He seems like a nice guy. 'Person' is very smart, and beautiful, and together. 'Person' makes good choices. It takes two people to make a marriage, and I'm sure she's careful about things. Hmpf. I sat next to her best friend, who was more upbeat and cheerful. Please, somebody take me aside and pray over me if I ever get that negative and judgmental. I'm evaluating whether there was anything I said or did that could "attract" that sort of comment because gossip usually only happens when someone is willing to hear it. I couldn't think of anything, but I need to think about this some more. Because that's not somewhere I want to be.

I'm sure glad the pastor didn't ask if anyone had objections during the ceremony! *Sigh.* Come to think of it, bet you these people wouldn't have said a peep about it except to each other.

I think this couple is going to make it, but no thanks to some of their relatives and "friends."

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  1. Why cant people just be happy for them? Especially friends and family. I think i would have left too.


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