04 October 2008


I'm *trying* to teach Elf and Emperor to tie their shoes. I even have a laces-type puzzle for this effort. It isn't working. I know Elf will be about 15 and still have trouble at this rate. He'll have to show up at job interviews wearing velcro shoes or pull-on snowboots. Should I count "shoelace" time as an elective or what? ;]


  1. Shoes are difficult. We did the velcro thing for years & years. To my shame at least one of mine learnt to tie their shoeslaces at school.:( But hey, I don't even own a pair of shoes.

  2. I don't know how my kids learnt how to do shoelaces cos there was NO WAY I was going to go through that particular agony 8 times! (as in teaching them) Velcro is good!

  3. I still have to make my 12 yo re-tie his shoes constantly as he can't seem to keep them tied.

    I have threatened boots and velcro many times.

  4. I still remember the moment I first succeeded at tying my own shoes! It was around age 6, and I had practiced for many days, without success. Suddenly, one morning, it WORKED!

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas

  5. We have a shoe issue at our house too. David doesn't like the feel of shoes and refuses to wear any except sandals. I even tried expensive, wider shoes and he takes them right off declaring that they "fe mal." (Do pain)

    So, I am imaginining carrying him everywhere we go this winter so his sock and sandal shod feet won't be in the snow. I am hoping he likes his snow boots and he can just wear those everywhere...


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