23 October 2008

Two Days' Mail.

I'm not even counting the zillions of "send us money NOW or liberal nut-jobs will teach YOUR children how to perform sex acts in kindergarten!" letters I'm receiving from various organizations.


  1. I feel ya! I wish that these organizations, etc could know that we've ALREADY VOTED!! Arggh!

  2. I wish these people--just like the credit card ad companies--would just wait and send me a check for how much they paid in postage and printing.

    I'd be happier, and I wouldn't have to fill up my recycle bins with this stuff trying to undo their waste as much as possible. Ah well.


  3. You are going to hate me! I have not gotten on single election ad in the mail. I must be too band and boring!!! :0) I think I'll keep hiding under my rock!


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