23 October 2008

Assorted Jumbled Thoughts.

Emperor thinks perhaps the Bible is wrong because God can't die. No, wait. The Bible has to be right. So howcome Jesus died? (I'm not really too clear, either, on how you can kill God.)

Jesus hung out with sinners. A lot. Which means sinners hung out with Him, right? So let's not assume that *just* because a person has a sin problem that they don't know Jesus. His character is still rubbing off on his peeps, yo. While I'm at it, I should clarify that I don't think hate and intolerance are the same thing, though of course sometimes we DO find them both in the same person.

Often, there are more than two opinions on any given issue. It's my opinion that the "experts" interviewed for a story speak more about the prejudices of the organization doing the publishing than the person being interviewed. You want a Christian viewpoint on something? Do we have to interview Rick Warren or Fred Phelps? Bleh.

I keep seeing odd things in thrift stores. I always wonder about the stories behind them. The half-used package of Depends? Did Gramma die, or get a miraculous healing, switch brands or what? And those skirts. I'm thinking half your butt MUST hang out the bottom of most of 'em... did mom make Little Missy donate this stuff after she brought it home from the mall? And the books. WHY would you ever donate nearly-new $50 retail value teachers' manuals instead of selling it on Amazon or e-Bay? No matter. It's mine now. Um, the teachers' manuals, not the Depends and the butt-hangin' skirts. What a frightful combination that would be!


  1. I volunteer my manuals and books rather than selling them. I figure that someone else can get good use out of them and I dont have to go through the hassle of selling and shipping them. Yep I am lazy.

  2. Depends under a butt hangin' skirt!!?

    Wasn't that in Britney's last video ;)

  3. Probably easier to donate than to sell it. Plus there's the write-off too. Either reason, it's your gain.

  4. LOL, Dianne, when Patrick and G were in elementary school, the kids sang this song:

    Oops, I did it again. I pooped on the floor, and I peed in my pants.

    So there ya go. Brilliant song, eh? Not as classic as the "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells" oldie, and Patrick tells me that once Mrs. (Miss? whatever) Spears shaved her head, no one really was that into her music. It was all over.

  5. Technically, we can't really kill other people either--seeing as how we all go on to live elsewhere after this one--we just kill the body... same with Christ. [see Matthew 10:28]

    "So let's not assume that *just* because a person has a sin problem that they don't know Jesus." I'm hoping you're right on with this one, because I've got me some serious sin issues. Hate and intolerance are not the same thing... intolerance and lack of tack can sometimes come off as hate though...

    I'm going to let other comments handle the Depends and miniskirts. They are funnier than my comments could ever be.

    Tossing in my two cents into the jar of assorted jumbled thoughts.



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