22 November 2008


Picked this book up at Michael's craft store for about $5. It has "how to" step-by-step instructions on drawing monsters. After we drew some monsters, I had the boys make and cut out their own symmetrical monsters, draw background and tape the monster down. Elf's monster has glasses because Elf got very upset thinking about how this large monster can't see people, and keeps stepping on them and killing them... *sniff* because he can't see... Well, I think I've fixed it because Emperor had some pink paper left over. Elf thinks pink is a strange colour for the monster's glasses but I assured him that NO ONE would make fun of his monster's glasses considering that the frog-monster accidentally squishes very tall trees without them. Emperor's monster must see very well (with all those eyes!) and lives in the lava.


  1. WOW!!! I see Monsters, Inc. the Sequel in the making!!!!!

    The green frog monster could get contacts.

  2. How fun is that?
    Can I come to class tomorrow??

  3. That is just GORGEOUS thinking on Elf's part.

    We have a how to draw dinsosaur book.

    It's dinosaurs, dinosaurs and dinosaurs here.

    Oh and did I say dinosaurs?

  4. Very creative and compassionate kid that Elf! I love that the monster is simply misunderstood and only killing people on accident. If only we would understand and help him out...

  5. I LOVE Elf's concern for the community :)

    Fantastic project.

    Monsters are people too :)


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