24 December 2008


We'll be reading the more traditional form of this book. Thanks, Jungle Mom, for letting me swipe this pic!


  1. Merry Christ--as in the one and only Christ--mas!

  2. I knew I could trust you for a laugh, Mrs. C! Can you imagine if I had to wish my kids a "Happy and safe Non-Religion Specific...blah blah blah...Vacation" every year? *whew* Have a great one:)

  3. kids = students, of course. I also LOVED the post about dirt. LOL. one year, during a non-religion specific performance, one of our school's (new) teachers said she didn't want to offend any parent with winter solstice holiday-themed songs, sooo...you guessed it. she had her kids sing a song about DIRT. the parents were not pleased.

  4. Merry Christmas! I have never been accused of being politically correct.

    Elf makes a charming angel/butterfly. I think he looks more like an angel myself. All he needs is a halo. David makes them at least twice a week as he pulls his shirt off. It sticks around his head he looks at me and says, "Look! I'm an angle!" This is not a typo. He really says it like that.

    Finally, I hope your children were happy with their gifts -- even if it wasn't a book about dirt.

  5. I'm not sure if I shouldn't be offended here. After all, was it proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was indeed the Grinch who was the thief? Isn't this a lot of Grinch-o-phobic profiling? Not that I myself am a Grinch, but I do have to stand up for the poor oppressed Grinches.

  6. Merry Christmas!

    And happy Chanukah, Harry! I'm thinking it was that enabler, Max-the-dog, who should really be in trouble.


  7. Merry Christmas [smile]. Love the image.



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