09 January 2009

Ancient Egypt.

Elf was very nervous about EVERYONE seeing him talk. I told him he did a great job.


  1. Elf did a great job in this video and he is super adorable - love his smile

  2. Tell ELF I loved and I mean LOVED hearing him talk about Egypt! What a cutie patootie! His BYE at the end was precious!

  3. What a great job! Elf speaks so very well! All your kids are just so darn kissable... :)

  4. I echo what everyone 'elf' has said!!!
    Brillient! :)

  5. Awww... Thanks, Kathy!

    Pam, I will tell him that he is a cutie patootie. But since I sometimes tell him he's being a pain in the patootie we'll see what he says about that! LOL

    LOL, Claire, our doctor doesn't believe Elf is autistic because the child looks him in the eyes and speaks. Sigh. Well, that's why it's called a "spectrum?" He's actually very debilitated in a crowd away from Mom and Dad. I wish we had loving public school services so he could get some of that social skills training he needs, but at the elementary level I know the staff. It isn't happening. :[

    Casdok, you're so funny! I was just wondering how you were this morning and haven't seen you post in a while. :] Maybe you are visiting the blogs of everyone elf.

    OK, it's not as funny when *I* do it. :]

  6. Tell Elf he did a great job! and I should know..I teach theatre and speech!! Both of which I think are so important for homeschoolers to consider as great learning opps. and thanks so much Mrs. C, for the kind words about my post..on writestuff..I was just so sad this morning thinking and praying for Em. She's so beautiful and smart and loving and full of the Holy Spirit and now she feels so bereft and lost. We know that's good opps for God to work in her life. Thanks again for the kind words on the post.

  7. Thanks, Lisa! You have some pretty cute ones yourself.

    Betty, I really do feel for Em. I'm glad she's able to have this experience at home rather than freshman year at college. But still so hard. :[

  8. Well done Elf. Celtic Lad loves Egypt too.

    I love your necklace. What a treasure it is.

    You spoke very clearly.

    You did a great job.

  9. Awwww ya just wanna squish him with big hugs, he's so cute.

  10. David thought he did a great job. He kept saying, "I want some more, Again!"


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