28 January 2009

Not to Complain...

... but this is what my dish looked like AFTER it had been through the washer. It really wasn't that difficult to clean by hand, or at least it wouldn't have been had I not selected the "sanitize" option. I kinda like that "sanitize" option to look a little more "sanitary" in addition to heat-drying the dishes.


  1. Ya think? LOL
    Time for a new washer? (or send your post to the manufacturer - and tell them a million people read it!)

  2. Wow! I thought my little counter top Japanese dishwasher was bad. Mine just leaves toxic dishwasher detergent on half the dishes so that I have to rinse them again after they've gotten nice and dry.

  3. That's pretty intense. I tend to soak most of my dishes... much to my wife's chagrin.


  4. I visited your older son's blog thinking it was yours and had no clue what he was talking about. Made me feel so old. When I made it to your blog I felt home again...the dish looks like something I'd pull out of my own dishwasher. Ha!


  5. The worst is when it doesn't clean and then bakes on the food during the heat dry cycle. I'm a soaker. Much to the chagrin of my dear roommate..."these dishes have been in the sink for 2 days." "yes, they are soaking!"



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