28 January 2009


My kids are all smarties, but Patrick has to take the cake in terms of "expression of smartiness." You can't say anything around him that he won't respond to with some quick, sarcastic wit.

Tonight, we got home from church rather late and I told him just to lock his door when I leave (G and Patrick share a basement room with the laundry, storage, and D's leatherworking table. Um, and the litterbox. The door doesn't shut unless it's locked with one of those classy hook-and-eye gadgets. They live a charmed life, ok?) so they can get undressed, wash their hands, and get ready for bed. They can skip the shower just for tonight.

"Do you know how I feel when I get naked?" Patrick asks brightly.

Oh, no. (eek!) Do I want to ask? Is there any way to get out of asking? Doesn't look like it... Sigh... Ok... "No..?"

"Like pillaging local farms." *dance dance*

Dork. :p


  1. Channeling the inner Viking?


  2. HAHAHAHA!! That is hilarious! What a quick wit!

  3. It took me a minute to get what he was talking about, but I think so, Luke. :]

    Zimms and A, thanks for laughing. I halfway expect an email in my inbox from someone telling me how smutty my post just was LOL!

    Oh, well. My blog. :]


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