31 January 2009

A Peek in My Planner.

I'm getting things ready for recordkeeping next month and allowing YOU to look inside. Aren't you blessed? :p Embiggen for a long description of what's going on in the Happy Elf Homeschool.


  1. Wow, you have really neat, lady-like handwriting.

  2. Man I have never done that. I keep their papers and for our state that is enough. I would be in trouble if I had to do that.

    You seem to be very organized. Do you do this every day? IS this required for your state or just something you do "just in case"?

  3. What is a homesteader? If I said I was I'd be an imposter! Whatever that is! I'm a scatterbrained mommy who has just barely learned how to start a vegetable garden6 months ago. It's a miracle too! I used to kill everthing. LOL.

  4. Looks really good. It looks like your binder is full. Do you do this for yourself or just to keep record of homeschool?
    How many hours a day do you do homeschool?
    Question time...lol

  5. Oh man! That's just depressing! That's the bit I'm not good at & we start back today. Do I have a lovely planner with everything listed in neat & beautiful handwriting? Not on your nelly! I'll be lucky if we can find the kid's books after 8 weeks off. Girding my loins for the fray. Ditz thinks school should be illegal. Only music counts.

  6. It looks good and clear to me! Nicely proportioned printing, too.

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas


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