07 January 2009

Some Thoughts on Culture.

Daja has awarded me the Premio Dardos award, which "acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his/her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary and personal values every day." Yep, I have a lot of cultural values being transmitted here.

Ah, well, I do try. I've been trying to instill a love of beauty in my children and I've tried to raise them to be godly, thoughtful people. Hopefully when I blog, I'm giving good thoughts to others as well. OK, when I'm not being silly and posting elevator videos.

Giving this away to other bloggers? That's hard to do because I know there are some folks out there who don't mess with bloggy bling and tagging and stuff like that. SO, if I tag you, and you don't want the award, you're not obligated ok?

1. For Chris at Diet Coke Rocks. She's one of my best bloggy buds and has hosted the Stanleys in New Zealand last year.

2. For Elf at Elf and Etc. He's just so cute!

3. For Emperor at Emperor and Etc. This kid needs to go post something on his blog because we've missed hearing from him. That goes for G over at G and Etc. as well. He keeps meaning to post, but he's gotten a new DS thingy and ... well, that takes up a lot of time, I guess.

4. For Dianne at Forks Off The Moment. Her recent post about an elephant and dog friendship was really cute.


  1. thank you! I try to mix up the blog - I know not all my posts are easy to swallow but they all come with good intentions

    the story of Tarra and Bella just begged to be told and I'm so glad it made so many happy.

    hugs to all

  2. Why thank you for the blog bling! I will try to pass it on... eventually~! lol
    Really struggling to read blogs at the moment, so much else to do!


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