24 February 2009

Did You Know This About Autism?

"An autistic child cannot lie if they are verbal. They do not understand why anyone should care to follow rules. They have no idea about any kind of rules unless specifically taught and they do not care if they break them. This is not out of any need to break rules, rather it is a pervasive lack of understanding. They just don't get it."

That was a quote from some "Educator" on a message board who no doubt knows through extensive personal experience that autistic people are perfect angels who only break rules because they don't understand. And they never lie. I think they also get super flying abilities if you get the autism mega-pack with the pixie dust. Doggone but I shoulda spent extra on that.

In any event, I looked online for others who are homeschooling autistic children via Google search and um, wasn't very happy with the results.


  1. Wow! I am so glad this "educator" is not Pamela's teacher. It's scary out there!

  2. Yeah... it is. I guess I'd rather have the "angel" theory than the "monster-brat" theory, though.

    It would still be nice to get the mega-pack with the pixie dust and Rainman abilities, though, but we're on a budget. :p

  3. ARGH! I got automatic updates from MS last night and my computer was all phooey this morning. I already commented. I think that it was a moment of pure genius and it is lost in space.

    People with FASD are accused of only breaking rules because they don't understand too. The pediatric "experts" seem to forget that the child sitting in front of them will be an adult. Court systems, probation officers, employers, future spouses don't care so much why a person breaks the rules.

    Whether Marissa understands or not, she gets a consequence. I sometimes fail miserably at getting her to connect the consequence to the event. But, I try.

  4. Julie, your response here was brilliant enough. These children with problems are not perfect and they're not demonic, either.

    They're people with problems. I think educators and other therapists often just want to make the child as "normal" as possible. We need to teach them to cope with themselves as they are, and like you said that can be a bit tough.

  5. Oh my !!!!

    I got the mega pack, but the pixie dust gave me allergies. I couldn't stop sneezing, so we sent it back.

  6. Good grief. I am so glad to know that my autistic son has no clue what he's doing when he steals food from the kitchen and hides somewhere to eat it. What a relief.

  7. Widdle Shamrock, you sent it back? LOL guess it wasn't all that after all.

    Sue, now you know. Autistic people also do NOT have a sin nature. Alter your theology accordingly. :p


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