28 February 2009

The Job D Didn't Get

D was speaking with the human resources department at Playboy magazine the other day.

I can't say that he'd make an ideal employee there, because the reason for his call was that he was hopping mad. SOMEBODY must have sold his name to the Playboy people, and big bunches'a boobies on a postcard in the mail were delivered to our home.

"LOOK WHAT I GOT!" an angry D exclaimed upon entering the house. Boing! My eyes were assaulted, my word.

Um, I'm usually not one to point at and discuss other people's body parts, but breasts that big just don't happen naturally. And even if they did (which I doubt), no one could possibly walk down the street with these huge bulbous-y things hanging out. I mean, the postcard was pretty much plain old porn.

Now, I know times are hard (shut up LOL) for the poor pornography sellers, but mailing this stuff ought to be illegal. We have teenage boys in our home that I don't especially want looking at this stuff.

D was more upset that they have his proper NAME and ADDRESS. He wants to know where they got it from. The only thing he did differently lately was to subscribe to Popular Mechanics. He is suspicious that they have sold his name, but they wouldn't admit it during his angry phone call.

I left the house to do some errands with Patrick, but came home two hours later to find a fuming D still on the phone, looking for answers as to who gave them his name and what he can do to have people nevernevernever send that crap to his house. At one point, he was "helpfully" transferred to the Playboy HR department. He's called about every business he could remotely think of connected to this fiasco, including the United States Postal Service. They told him to write, "REFUSED, Return to Sender" on it so that the company would have to pay return postage. Hopefully if enough people do that, they wouldn't mass-market like that. Or maybe they just wanted this angry guy off the phone.

Poor D. He's not alone, though. Do you want to see the offer he received? My blog friend Luke got the same thing. I wonder where they got his name from. Do the honchos at Playboy go, yeah... homeschooling dads... hot new market...

EEEEwww. Ok, I'm ending this post now. Yuck.


  1. You could always try asking for the HR dept home address and sending it to them ;)

    BTW, re: your earlier post - I'm a SAHM homeschooling an autistic offspring.

  2. Welcome, Jayne! My, you have a lot of blogs. You are also the only "possum stirrer" in blog land :p

  3. Actually, a couple of years ago Ron ended his subscription to Popular Mechanics because he found the ads getting quite racy. We were already anticipating bringing the kids home and he didn't want David flipping through the PM magazine.

    And, having been forced to stand across from the lingerie department of our local department store while Marissa tried on clothes... Well, let's just say it was an embarrassing experience that I hope never to repeat!

  4. Well, it's an interesting story!

  5. You know, it's funny: When the ad showed up in my mailbox I just laughed. It never even crossed my mind to wonder how they got my address. ...hmm... yeah, who sold me out?


  6. Wow! What an eventful trip to the mailbox. What if one of your oys had gotten that? horrifying! It's good that your husband made a fuss about it. More people should.

    Maybe they don't mind getting unsolicited smut in the mail.

  7. Julie, we actually got the PM magazine *free* for saving out stupid 2 liter pop tops. Free, indeed.

    Luke, I'm wondering the same thing. When you think you have some ideas, let me know and we'll see if we have that subscription or product in common. Because if it were a Sonlight thing, *I* would be getting the wonderful offers in the mail.

    Scratch you guys off the list, sorry.

    Terry, I find swimsuits disturbing. I wish I had more time to complain about this stuff. AND more money to spend *everywhere else* so these other people feel really sad and left out. :]

  8. A man who does NOT want porn in his house? I'd say he's a keeper :)

    And does he have a brother?



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