23 February 2009



  1. It's Tuesday here, and mine still looks like that! A busy weekend, a rainy monday, and lack of a dryer -- not a good combination.

  2. I hope your kids are not like my kids. Sometimes they leave the clean clothes in the basket and then start tossing in the dirty clothes with clean clothes. Uggh!

  3. Ganeida, taking that as an invite. :]

    Sue, now that it's Tuesday, we've picked the clean clothes we need from the baskets and put away the towels.

    DF, actually, no, because I leave all the clean clothes in a different room than the dirty ones. So all the dirty clothes are by the washer. Ok, and also my younger children don't "help" with laundry so much.

  4. OI!!! What you doing in my house! I'm sure that's my washing!

  5. Can I let you think it's yours until it's all folded and put away? :]

  6. That is what Saturday looks like at my house. Well, except when I forget to recycle the water softener on Friday night. In which case that is what Sundays look like.

    I hate laundry.

    Did I tell you when I first married Ron, he worked 12-hour shifts. His eternally repeating schedule was four day shifts on, four days off, four night shifts on, four days off. I didn't do laundry for 18-months. And, he cooked on his days off too. Those were the days!


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