23 February 2009

Homeschooling with LIFEPACs.

In our science LIFEPAC, we're going to learn about time zones and why seasons change. As an introduction, Tom relates to his class that he has spoken with his grandmother in France yesterday, where time is somehow different than it is "here." How could that be? Well, his teacher, Miss Forest, asks the class to open THEIR LIFEPACs to find out. This has captured the imagination of Elf and Emperor. Elf has drawn Tom, looking amazedly in his LIFEPAC at himself as he was yesterday... who is looking at himself in a LIFEPAC... who is looking at himself in a LIFEPAC... The children don't seem to see simple advertising, but some sort of space-time continuum problem here.


  1. lol. That is so great! Something to be said for taking the road less travelled. I'm madly impressed.

  2. Oh my, that is just so great!!! :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello Mrs. C! I thought I would answer your question about "accountability". I send them (the school) my scope and sequence. Since I have used Abeka for so long, they really don't have much to say since that curriculum is more advanced than what they teach in public schools! This year was different and I have gotten NO problems from them at all. They do not bother me about the fact that I AM going to teach Creation and have God in every aspect of history. Matter of fact, our first unit study for Christian Cottage was doing a family tree. Not only did the kids get to do a timeline of our family, they did one for the lineage of Christ! The school was aware of this via my scope and sequence. In all honesty, my school district is so small ( 46 graduating students per year) that they don't really care. There are other districts around me that are much strict. The funny thing, too, is that they send you a copy of the New York State regulations on homeschooling and then break them by asking us to do something that is NOT in them or goes against them. I have a few "discussions" with them that usually ends in me saying that they could speak to my homeschooler lawyer if they would like. I win then!
    I love your blog. I have enjoyed reading it. I put my website at the bottom, but I also have 2 blogs. If you get a chance drop by! Would love to have you over for some "coffee"!



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