06 March 2009

Woodjie Says...

Eeee... oooo! ah ah ahhh!!

Two... eeee! ah ah ahhh!!

Eeeeee! ah ah ahhhh!

Yes, I have let him learn from an undead vampire who lives in a castle and displays obsessive behaviours with numbers.


  1. :O) ..
    Who better to learn your numbers from then an Number obsessive Friendly Vampire?

  2. Oh well. At least the vampire knows what it's doing. It was years before I realised I'd been talking to my kids in feet & inches, miles & ounces when our country has been metric since 1966. *sigh* A dork lives here.

  3. Shelly, I think as long as the Count doesn't invite Woodjie into his car, I think we're ok. :]

    Ganeida, you did the right thing by training your kids to measure things properly LOL. Thing is, with those "liters," you always think you're getting more liquid than you really are. Not very much.

  4. Well, I for one have always loved Count von Count... carry one!

    This morning I stuck David in front of the computer with a mouse and a game from Sesame Street's website. He got up a little after 6 AM and I just didn't feel like starting my day yet. He was thrilled.

  5. I always liked the Count's songs the best when I was a kid. At least he is talking right! :0)

    I love that Elf wants to read the real thing. I let Brown Bear read Moby Dick. I couldn't believe that he stuck with it. Now he is reading the one with the guy that goes to jail and then escapes. Why is the name escaping me? You know the one with movie made recently about it. Count of Monte Cristo! I am seriously having memory issues today.

  6. I can imagine David having THE best time with that. You set yourself up for more early mornings LOL!!!

    Zimms, Brown Bear is really determined! I'd ask him for a book report and see if he'll illustrate it. :] My boys got their Legos out and made "Dr. Claw and Mr. Snatch."


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