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Tea Party Talk.

I don't get it. People are going to have a party on Tax Day, drink tea, maybe get their pic in the paper, and then go home? I looked at the website and despite the claims of a real "revolution," nobody's getting the muskets out.

Maybe I misinterpret. I'd like to be a little more clear about what this is that everyone's referring to and why it's important. Snooping 'round on this website seems to indicate to me that the organization wants to do away with all military and police officers:

"... But seriously, the number of individuals currently working for the government is staggering. Police officers, paramedics, secretaries, waste management, military service, elected official staff… heck it would take me well over a day to post a list of every government job that exists. In fact, it would take me WEEKS!"

"Our argument is that many of these individuals should not be be employed by the taxpayer. Our argument is that many of their jobs shouldn’t even exist. And this argument is made in a time where if these jobs didn’t exist… these people would be out of a job all together."

I'm sure there is just tons and tons of waste and inefficiency in government. I'm also sure that they have way better health insurance than me. I'm not following how drinking tea is going to fix that, or what the proposed "solution" would be. Hopefully it isn't proposed that each of us make our own roads and personally charter each truck that arrives at our local Wal-Mart. I'd starve.

Someone out there know more about this?


  1. There's on being planned in our city. I heard about it on the radio. It's supposed to be a grassroots protest of the massive spending spree going on in Washington and the inevitable higher taxes it will mean for us ALL, no matter how Pres. Obama is trying to sell it. Like the Boston Tea Party? Get it?

    I don't object to these people's right to protest what's happening. (Have you read my blog?) But the reality is that elections have consequences and what we are witnessing now is the consequence of electing a Marxist to the Presidency. Yes, I said a Marxist. And I'm not backing down from it!

    And Mrs. C, by the way, your prayers for the President really help me. Thanks for posting them.

  2. Thats what I was going to say too-its a play on the old Boston Tea Party! And yep we're all going to see our taxes go through the roof. I just cant believe the American people were so duped!

  3. Ok, I know it has to do with the Boston Tea Party, but when I think of that...

    I keep thinking of the fact that they STOLE the tea while disguised themselves as Indians.

    It just isn't the same if you have tea companies sponsoring the event and no one is disguised. :]

  4. I tried finding more information but it really seems like nothing more than a loosely organized group of people who like to Twitter and found each other on Facebook.

    They're not even clear on what they're protesting - and they certainly don't have any alternate suggestions. Just lots of media buzz words.

    Unless someone is making a quarter of a million dollars or more their taxes are not going up, they might even lessen - I don't understand why people don't want to get that.

  5. Terry, I'm telling you, it is really HARD to pray for President Obama sometimes. I find that sometimes I don't know what to say.

    Mrs. D and Dianne, I do think sooner or later, SOMEBODY is going to have to pay for the stimulus bill and/or nationalized health care. I simply don't see enough really rich people out there unable to play shell games with their money and hide it from the government. :]

    I guess on the surface, families like ours benefit greatly. But I just don't think it's morally right to borrow money you can't repay as a nation. It's dishonest.

    Though I would like to hear other suggestions, too, Dianne. I have a sneaking suspicion that what might have to happen is a restructuring of our economy... a painful process in which more of us learn to live within our means... which means less stuff being bought... which means fewer jobs...


  6. LIVE WITHIN OUR MEANS?!?!?! You can't be serious! What a revolutionary idea! It's TOO RADICAL. I don't think anyone will go for it.

  7. LOL, well, I have a mortgage on my house, but otherwise yep. There are always a few oddballs out there like us.

    OH and rich people. They get to be as revolutionary and weird as they want to be and it's cool when *they* do it.



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