30 April 2009

Dark It's

Heat oven to 350 degrees
buttur Pan and sides
3 cups water
2 eggs
teaspoon of Milk
putit in buttered pan
Pop it in oven
when done cut it in squars
And enjoy!

(Note: Emperor's recipe has not been tested in Betty Crocker's kitchen just yet. But you have to notice that it's downright cute. It's noticeable that he has the form of cooking down... these ideas that one preheats the oven, butters the pan, measures in cups, cuts things in squares.)


  1. I have several recipes, that Lioness wrote, that are so cute. I keep them in our family cookbook.

    This is cute! I love kids recipes.

  2. That confused me for awhile. As I read over the instructions (twice) I kept thinking to myself, 'Wait, we're missing coco, peanut butter, sugar, flour ...and that's a lot of water!'

    ...then I read the rest of the post.

    [cough] I think I should probably do that more often instead of jumping to conclusions.

    [sigh] That's what happens when you try to be clever.


  3. lol. Jossie started this way but we ended up with a really yummy cinnamon cake. I still occassionly use his recipe.

  4. Zimms, if they're anything like Emperor's, they've been improved on a little over the years...

    Luke, you're pretty smart LOL... but do ya really think I'd tell you to "buttur" a Pan and cut stuff in "squars?" Well, he's something like 1/5 of my age, so I'll allow a few spelling errors.

    Ganeida, maybe it gets better after awhile. Emperor really wants to try this one though I have no idea how you could ever cut it in squares!!

    Dianne, I have to say that I found that part cutest, too. Glad you "enjoyed" it LOL!

  5. Sweet . . . or, maybe not--I didn't see any sugar! LOL!


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