03 April 2009


Elf has some beautiful handwriting, doesn't he? Go ahead and click on the picture to embiggen it. Now what do you think about his spelling work? Spelling is not Elf's strong suit, as this is the second week he is reviewing all of these words.
In other news, it's been hard to think of anything to post because of all the screaming in the background. Rose has discovered that she can throw her food at the table. This results in her being "done" with that meal, but it also results in our hearing her howl about how hungry she is at least two hours before the next meal, and before bedtime if she threw at dinner. She is *so* bright, but learning that "throwing food now makes me hungry later" is not quite her strong suit.

G has been on the track team and faithfully attends practices and meets. It looks like the discuses are he throws plastic, and not the metal ones I remember. I'm sure very serious injuries could still happen if one is hit in the head with a plastic discus.

D has been looking at realtor.com again and getting himself all attached to houses he knows good and well that we're not really going to buy. He even has our poor realtor... you know... the one we've been working with for FIVE years and never bought from?... working on giving him background information about various grand old houses in differing states of disrepair. The one pictured has a large unfinished ballroom. About 958 (give or take a few) times a day, D has to talk about "his ballroom" and everyone has to stay out of his ballroom, and we're all jealous of his ballroom... sigh. We could actually afford this place if Obama would promise-swear to pay our mortgage if D got laid off. Indeed, this is a beautiful house, and the immediate homes are all mansions and castles and whatnot... but beyond that... Well, we can afford it for a reason. But if we ever had to repair it, it would be a nightmare as it is "historic," which means cement, duct tape and plywood don't do as well there as they have in the past here. :]

I told him that if he bought it the ballroom is mine. We'd have 8,000 square feet of space to work with, but that would be my homeschooling room. I'd hang all the pictures I got from the Picture America package I got! Woo-hoo, but I have some gorgeous prints of about anything American you could imagine. Go ahead, look at all the stuff I got, but when you do, you must imagine the prints to be a yard by two feet. Laminated. With a very special spiral-bound teacher edition. And a portfolio to tote it in. Oh, yeah.
Soon, I'll be getting a new book. Custom-made just for Woodjie. It will be a lot of fun, but a lot of work as well. We will use a velcro notebook with PECS-type picture icons inside to help Woodjie communicate. Sorry to say, but he's pretty much non-verbal. I wish I could tell you we are making "progress," but we are not. At this point, I'm looking for something that is going to help him "say" something, just anything. We want to hear what he has to say.


  1. No one will touch my ballroom! --D

  2. I cant embiggen it...I click on it but nothing happens.

    But I sure enjoyed reading about your ballroom! Fun read!

  3. Sigh. I love that house. I can see why D got attached. Historic is a pain, though.


  4. The house sounds devine !!!! Especially the ballroom.

    I couldn't open the picture either.

    WGO learned real early that making 'normal baby noises' did get her attention from Dad and her brothers. So she learned to SSSQQQQUUUEAL, oh boy did she!!!! As I said to them "What do you expect her to do when you ignore her? Answer her the first time." Thank goodness we moved on from that.

  5. I'm sorry but you can't have my ballroom. It will hold Ditz's grande piano very nicely, thank you very much.

    Like A says though ~ historic is a pain!

  6. No ballrooms here -- just a bawl room! Ha! Your comments about Woodjie made my heart squeeze. I am right there with you.

  7. D, my ballroom :p

    Sorry, Bookworm! Usually it works so well and embiggens. Elf has some gorgeous handwriting, but his spelling of "hopeing, sleding, choping" aren't quite standard.

    A, D has really gotten me hepped up about the house since it is across from a LARGE beautiful museum, too. *sniff*!

    Widdle Shamrock, I can't wait until we move on from the "throwing food and screaming later" phase myself. :]

    Ganeida, the ballroom is on the third floor and I have *no clue* how the piano would be moved there. But bet Ditz would love it, and going to the museum every day.

    ((Sue)) Sometimes there are no words to say even what *we* feel seeing our children go through this. :[

  8. Here is a plan my wife and I came up with a few years ago when we came across an in-need-of-repair mansion that we ended up not buying (because it would have been insane to do so). We were going to invite her parents and her sister's family to live with us. Her father was an electrician and the brother-in-law knew how to do all of that home repair stuff. In return for living in this grand abode, they would do all of the repairs. I would help too. I'm skilled enough to do the gofer stuff.

    Since we never implemented the plan, you are welcome to it.

    Enjoy your ballroom.

  9. Harry, guess it won't happen. Looked online for the house this morning and it was *gone.* Sniff.


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