01 April 2009

The Fifty States

Much improvement over our first "fifty states" quiz. Some little boy still thinks "Mexico" is one of our states, but together Elf and Emperor at least remember most of them. In fact, they were able to write 49 states from memory. They looked on the map for the last one, Wyoming.


  1. I'm very impressed. But mostly, I'm amused a little troubled by the fact that their handwriting is much neater than mine.


  2. Thanks for stopping by the other day Mrs. C!

    Yea for the states!

  3. Keep up the great work! I've never been very good at that whole "geography" thing [smile].


  4. Thanks, everyone! I am starting to give up on the idea of knowing all the capitols, but the boys are at least familiar with the names of them. I think later when we are done with this social studies curriculum we'll move on to recognizing other countries and where they fit on the map. :]

  5. I love 'New Hamsher' - that's so cute
    good job!! and they are very neat

  6. And I bet you know all 50 states better now too! ;)

  7. You inspired me! I'm changing up my lesson plans and this month my 5th grader will be doing a Social Studies unit on the 50 States. I'm sure he'll enjoy it much more than last month's unit on The Industrial Revolution...he was right, it was rather boring.

  8. My daughter has the opposite problem. She doesn't think New Mexico is part of the USA.

  9. Thanks, Dianne! Yes, Emperor's writing is improving!

    Ganeida, what's really troubling is that I didn't miss Wyoming. My apologies to the folks in Wyoming. :]

    Lyndie, I got this link from Luke a while back and maybe you will like it:

    LOL DF there are probably some people in Mexico who feel the same way! Tough noogies to them. Manifest Destiny, baybeee.


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