01 May 2009


I can't imagine that I'm the only one who doesn't want to keep every page from every workbook we've ever done. So I tear about 10 or 20 pages out for each subject, enough to get an idea that work was done that year in the subject, punch holes in the sheets, and string them through with yarn. One curriculum item I don't think I could ever do without would be Bob Jones homeschool Bible curriculum. There are books to read, heroes of the faith to learn about, and wonderfully illustrated Bible lessons. I learn from the curriculum just as the children do. One caveat: it's extraordinarily expensive. (click, click, click) Ok, just priced it new for you. For two children sharing the readers, it's $160.00 for this one subject. I buy the CD that goes to the curriculum, and I also buy an extra workbook. I buy the two books that should be read with the workbook. Of course, each child also needs his own King James. If you want the flip-charts that would go with this, it will be $50 extra. We've never bought these. I think the only product I've been disappointed in from them was their timeline. There *has* been history made since 1986, and Bill Clinton is NOT our current president. Ok. I wouldn't have expected up-to-the-minute stuff, but 1986 was 23 years ago!

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