04 May 2009

You'd Better Appreciate MOM!

Be sure to go to the website at the end of this presentation and click on the flowers to see if you can EVER appreciate your mom enough. Nope, you can't. I myself tried to scoot the "things my mom does for me" flower way down and my appreciation flower way up, but it looks like no one can ever appreciate Mom enough. Are you reading this, everyone *cough* who happens to live with me and is over the age of five *cough*. You know, I just had to post this after I literally typed up a great big long set of rules (subject to change without notice!) that I will LAMINATE and post on unnamed teenage boys' bedroom wall soon. Yes, it contains a Preamble and six Articles in which the authority of Parenthood is supreme. I'm sure the boys will appreciate the addition to the decor. Thanks, Knifty's blog for the link!


  1. Sadly, my DH will be at men's camp this Mother's Day. I don't know what idiot scheduled that, but it had to be a man (wink-wink). Your comment on my blog was too funny. They do look sort of alike. Maybe it's the facial hair. My hubby always wears stripes or plaid. I never thought of that before--weird. Hope you have an awesome Mother's Day!

  2. I just wrote a long comment about how Lackus Appreciatus has no cure in my home. It involved my oldest, long and short term goals versus immediate repentance and change of behavior. When I filed, I just got a white screen...

    Probably all for the best, it was a comment written in frustration by a mom at the end of her rope. Now that it is out of my system, I'm good.

  3. I think there should be one day that is NOT Mother's Day and on that day they get all the junk out their system and then revert back to adoration and obedience

    let's start a revolution

  4. Julie, I wonder if we have some of the same unpublished comments? Siiiigh.

    I still haven't laminated the "rules."

    Dianne, I'm with ya LOL!! That's the day I take all my Mother's DayS cash and spend the day in a hotel.


  5. Bonnie, it was either a man, or a really sad woman who knew that her kids wouldn't have appreciated her on her special day anyway, so no sense letting everyone else call Mom LOL...


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