22 June 2009

The Tin Woodman

Woodjie also does the cutest Munchkin dance you've ever seen, but he keeps posing for the camera during the movie, which ruins the effect. He can act out the every scene, but he does not want YOU to participate. Apparently that's against the rules. In other news, he can also count. "One, two, three, five, two-teen, two-teen, two-teen! Ah-ah-ah-ahhhh..."


  1. Two cute! Cupcake has the same rules--we can't comment or participate when she dances. We laugh quietly and try not to interrupt her.

  2. Bonnie, Cupcake sounds like a smartie!

    Lisa, that's the Tin Man's axe! A plastic popper. He's pretty creative with his props, even if he doesn't say much. :]

  3. sounds like he's talking more! This is GREAT! And of course he's just adorable!

  4. PLEASE tell me that he is wielding one of those push-toys with the balls that jump. That would be so nostalgic!

  5. Chris, he kinda makes yelling sounds when they yell, but most of it isn't words yet. :]

    And Allison, YES, the balls pop pop pop and jump. Just like the one I used to have, except not made of wood. :]


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