17 July 2009


Recently, we went to a butterfly showing at a local nursery. We got a poster, a butterfly-attracting plant, and a couple of bug-catching nets. I spent a fair bit of money on these, but the boys have loved running about in the night to catch netfuls of glowing fireflies. Of course, Emperor has gotten his chigger bites infected from the constant scratching and is on antibiotics. Elf has a huge welt-y bite on his leg. I'm waiting and hoping this goes down, as we've already spent about $75 on the bugs we find outside for free. :]


  1. Ooooooooh Bugs, Mr. Q's favorite subject too. hehehe.

    I don't have a net, but dad is very adapt at catching bugs and putting them in the magnifying jar for the kids.

    Did you see the post on the catapillar we found on my blog ? Oh the beautiful things that are poisonous !

    I love the simple things in life, and homeschooling !

  2. ". . . as we've already spent about $75 on the bugs we find outside for free." Chuckle. Good luck with your bug trapping activities!

    Over the years we've done ant farms, tadpole kits, hermit crabs, and--presently--fish.

    On more than one occasion, my mother raised her eye brows at our purchases. But when I bought the butterfly kit for the boys (for about $20.00), she finally said--"umm . . . You do know we already have those here, don't you?"

    PS--on that chigger itching thing--We keep lye soap around specifically to help with chiggers. I've never found anything else that worked as well. 'Works for mosquito bites and poison ivy too.

  3. Jana, do they have scorpions and tarantulas out your way? I'm thinking maybe your bugs might be more interesting than ours.

    LOL Mary, buying stuff you already had around *somewhere*. I've done that more than once.


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