17 July 2009

40,000 New Pets!!

Our cat is really, really old. It doesn't really put up with the dress-up shop idea the way it used to. In fact, we're disinclined to play with her that way anymore. She walks with a stiff little limp and a squeeaky "Meaow." Our vet says well, she's surprisingly healthy considering she's nearly 16. She's a faithful old girl, but we're not rough and tumble with her anymore. We just can't chase her around for fun and have her sneak back up on us like in the good old days. And what with Woodjie being allergic to cats, and Patrick allergic to dogs, it's highly unlikely we're going to get a fuzzy friend anytime soon.

But now, thanks to the folks at the BBC, I will never have to hear, "Mooooom! You never let us get another pet to keep us company!" That's right. Soon I will be introducing the boys to their new pet friends at the Adopt-a-Parasite Pet Shop. Thankfully this is the sort of pet they can't forget to feed or exercise regularly, so none of these snarky comments in my comment box about my not taking care of the 40,000 new pets we're getting soon.

Do you think I can count this for homeschool science hours? I'm thinking yeah.


  1. Nope. I have one cat & he thinks he runs this house. I am NOT adding 40,000.

  2. Meant to add: I am coming to you when I need to learn how to upload a video. At the moment we don't even have a camera but I can see when we do I will have to sneak up on Ditz doing her Ditzy thing & let you all judge for yourselves how over the top I am. ☺

  3. Aww, Ganeida, filthy symptoms and neurological problems should never preclude you from owning a new parasite! Did you even look at the cuties in the pet shop window? LOL

    Lisa, my fave is the tapeworm. They're all... interesting, though.


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