27 July 2009

Our Civil War Door.

I had Elf and Emperor put Grant on the Northern side because I thought the teachers' manual was "creative," grouping him in with the Southern side. Patrick came up as I was discussing this mistake in the book with D. "No, that's RIGHT the way it was in the book!" Patrick told us. And "General Robert E. Lee" fought for the Northern side! I had to look up the army generals in two other sources before he'd believe me about Lee. He didn't grow up way back when, so I couldn't explain about how you knew the "General Lee" was Southern by the Stars and Bars painted on the hood, and the horn that plays "Dixie." Kids these days just have no culture.


  1. I can't believe they messed up on both of them. One of them is bad enough, but both?

  2. No, that was PATRICK that thought General Lee was a Northerner. :]

  3. It still seems weird to think of your country being spit by civil war... even though it was a long time ago now.

  4. Chris, I think the propagandists have made "Civil War = fight to end slavery" indelibly etched into most Americans' minds. BUT, while it was about that, it was mostly about states' rights.

    You'll find if you come here that really we are the "United" states. There are totally different laws in New York, Missouri, or Idaho about almost anything you can think of. Taxes are different in each state and have their own little income form, in ADDITION to federal.

    Things are moving away from that and I don't like it. I think the civil rights of the people can be protected without meddling with who can drive after 6 p.m. yk?


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