19 July 2009

Our Curriculum: History and Geography Part II.

We have an entire year of fourth-grade History and Geography from Alpha Omega to to through when we are done with learning about the Civil War. We'll learn about the continents, seaport cities, deserts, grasslands, North America, the polar regions and mountain countries. Sounds rather like a this and that year to me.
When we're done with THAT full year's worth of curriculum, we'll move on to the other this and that stuff I have. Some ACE Paces. Some public school readers on the Mayans and the Chinese. A Bob Jones reader and study unit on Gladys Aylward (missionary to China). An Ancient Egypt Pocket project maker. I have absolutely no idea how long this will take me or worse, how many other little projects I will pick up along the way. Oh! I also have some Dover sticker books with Japanese children and a few Greek myth colouring books. I guess the key will be to remember to do all the Chinese things at once, and the Greek things later, and so on.
But we'll be jumping all over the globe next year.

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