19 July 2009

Our Curriculum: History and Geography Part I

We're going to finish up Bob Jones Heritage Studies 3 with a unit on the Civil War. I had been jumping AROUND this chapter knowing that I had a "History Pockets" book on order that would enable us to do some hands-on activities and learn about this time in American history more in-depth. I don't have any idea how many months we're really going to spend on this. I think as long as we are making some sort of progress and are learning that we'll take each step as it comes. Times like this, I'm very glad that I don't have to lay out a quarterly report to the state. It's not that I don't plan on teaching. I would just like at least some of that teaching to take place naturally, and sometimes that means burning through curriculum quickly. Other times, I think we can take a little extra time and colour the uniforms on the soldiers. We might learn what materials they used for their uniforms and the sorts of tents they lived in on the battlefield and that sort of thing.

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