19 July 2009

Our Curriculum: Reading

How on earth did Mrs. C get such an eclectic mix of odd books? Do you see the old public school readers at the bottom of the stack?

Yes, I got those for 50 cents each at the thrift store. The "Flags Unfurled" book, "Blue Dolphin" and "Miracle on Maple Hill" books were also 50 cents each. I figure if I hate them, or they turn out to be inappropriate for young minds, I can always put them back in the donation bin at the Goodwill Store in Gladstone. Friends, the Goodwill there is an awful, icky place that sells stained-up jeans for $5 each and smelly 1970's macaroni and macrame projects for $10. But the books? Go check out the books during the months of May and June when homeschoolers are done with their lessons. I've also found other ABeka textbooks and once, D found a series of Bob Jones teachers' manuals at the local VFW thrift store.

I have a few more stacks that I want to do for "school" somewhere. But this is my goal for the next year and a half or so, because I count reading the Bible as "reading" as well. Perhaps each boy might read two or three pages each day, in addition to their silent reading or their Bible reading. We also are reading the McGuffey Readers in English class.

I know, I'm odd. I build my reading curriculum around what other people discard, what's at the library, and a few odd things I order upon occasion.


  1. Gary and I are voracious readers so books are a big deal in our house. If you need one in particular, let me know, we might have it.

    FYI: I don't know if you've read "Island of the Blue Dolphin" or not, but it's not the most exciting read (I liked it, but I was a book worm). :) I wouldn't recommend it for any kid who isn't already a patient reader.

    (I still get teary when I read the Velveteen Rabbit!)

  2. Mary, the Velveteen Rabbit book was mine when I was a little girl! I cry near the end, too! *sniff*

    Thanks for the warning on the Blue Dolphin book, and if I need something, I'll be sure and ask. :] Sweet!

  3. We use to buy books new, but now we buy most of our books from the thrift store too. All those new books add up to a zillion dollars.

  4. LOL, give or take a few thousand.


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