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A Day at Home.

Elf and Emperor are working on their maths, their English, their Treasure Island worksheets, and Social Studies and Bible today. Emperor is working on how many bells would ring each half hour. Elf designed a coin for his own country. It's worth eight cents. This way, if you get two coins, you'd have sixteen cents. (? Ok... And you can be at peace or die in this land? Apparently.) Rose is laughing at the television. (Yes, I'm a bad mom. I put Bear in the Big Blue House on DVD. Hey, I got it free in some cereal once. And it's doggone cute.) I've gotten out the kitchen play items and Woodjie is having some fun trying to extract our "onion ring" from the gate. We alternate between play with Mom and "Mom is teaching; here are some Cheerios and a half-hour TV show" downstairs. The boys have some independent work upstairs, and when I have a minute, I teach the stuff that is not independently do-able. Tomorrow is Vroot & Vroom Marathon Day, which basically means we'll take a couple hours and play on the computer. :]


  1. Its really so nice that Rose and Woodjie have each other isn't it? Now that Cupcake is finally starting to play with Bubba it makes a huge difference. She spent all morning say "Hi" and "Bye" to everyone at each of the 4 stores we went to--funny thing is she sounds like me with this huge southern drawl. Actually, she sounds like she's making fun of me, but no Kiwi accents here. My Dad is relieved because he thought all she ever did was tear wallpaper and throw things out the window. Anyway--we love Bear in the Big Blue House!

  2. Ok... nevermind anything else... what do you have an egyptian mummy doing in your room? LOL

  3. I love how intense Elf and Emperor look while they are doing their work. Both of my boys loved Bear in the Big Blue House too. Actually Christian still does. He loves it when bear sniffs in the beginning of the show. He puts his nose up to the screen and tries to sniff back.

  4. I have a boy that would do school like that if I let him (I mean on the ground all hunched over). Does it help your boys? Because maybe I should let him and see how it goes. It just makes my back hurt watching them.

    You have such a fun school. great ideas. Did you pre-plan these days in your organizer for the year?

  5. Bonnie... astounded at the mean comment from your dad. Sometimes it's just better not to be so close to family, even if you love 'em. I'm just hurt even reading that.

    Chris, doesn't EVERYONE have an Egyptian mummy in their living room? It's an important part of the decor. I ordered it myself and it's so kewl. It's supposed to hold cd's inside, but it's impossible to open.

    Bronwyn, that's my fave part of the show, too!!

    Zimms, there just have to be times where we sit and are attentive. Otherwise? I let them do whatever as long as I don't catch them dallying and the work gets done. That's why you will rarely see Elf away from the assigned study area LOL! It works for Emperor, though.

  6. I don't think your a bad mom...there have been many times when I have resorted to the T.V. with my toddler when we are trying to do school. Sometimes it is the only way we can get anything accomplished!


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