14 August 2009

Meet My New Blog Friend.

Bronwyn is a military wife with two autistic boys. I've been wanting to introduce her to you for a while, and this latest giveaway she's doing is the perfect opportunity. If you do workboxes at all, you might want to do your own blog post and comment over at her place to enter!

Elf and Emperor do not do workboxes per se in their homeschool. Sometimes I will gather sheets they need to do for the day together into a packet. More often than not, though, some sort of teaching has to be done in the middle of things. I haven't quite figured out how "workbox" families deal with that. Maybe they don't have several littles and the older child can just ask for help then. For me, though, I have to teach based on when the little children are quiet or otherwise occupied. :P

Woodjie, however, does puzzles and bears in his workboxes. One of these days, I'm hoping the difference between pigs, bunnies, chickens, ducks and cows just magically sink in. We were working on it, but he isn't ready, so that's getting put away for now. But I think it qualifies as a "fall" thing because I intend to pick up that idea and work with him on it a bit later when it is not so frustrating.

Another post I've enjoyed over at Bronwyn's blog is about altering books for children on the spectrum. Already I have evangelized our speech therapist on the idea, and she is preparing a book for Woodjie. I'll bet you he loves it. If you have a special-needs kiddo, this is definitely a post you want to check out.


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful post! It is nice to have such good friends in blog world. My name is not Michelle though. It is Bronwyn. I am thinking I must have been confused with someone else somewhere because you are honestly not the only one who thought my name was Michelle. It would have been a much easier name to learn to spell when I was little though. LOL
    Thank you again and I look forward to keeping up with your wonderful family.

  2. Oh, no! I'm sorry. I was looking through some old posts and found someone else call you Michelle. So that must be your name, right??

    SORRY!!! Fixing it now.


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