21 August 2009

My Relatives.

I have lots of pictures. Most of these are not the originals; they are reprinted as the originals are badly fading. But the colour in the picture on the left was really on the original photograph. The mother has gold and red jewelery as well. I don't know how they did it, nor yet how the baby in the picture could possibly crawl with a four-foot fluffy train like that. The young man and woman in the center are part of a set that opens and the "frame" is really a copper, "The Union Now and Forever" display complete with flags. Yep, my folks were on the Northern side.


  1. "The North was the only side worth being on," quoth this Oregonian!(tee hee)

  2. Amen Mrs.Darling!

    I love old photographs. I was totally fascinated as a child with my grandmother's black-and-whites she kept in a big storage box. I wish I had them now. Very cool that you have this piece of your family history.

  3. LOL Mrs. D, I live in Missouri and I'm still not sure what everyone really thought of the war. Officially it was Northern here, but Jesse James lived not too far away. His brother was a Confederate, and that sort of started the whole thing. :]

    Mkm, the original photos make me nervous. There is no way to keep them safe but keep them out of the light, really. They look like ghosts... fading ghosts. Best to get those reproductions done as soon as possible if you ever get any originals. I'm glad I did, and was able to send some reproductions as Christmas gifts one year. Otherwise? I'm a crummy gift-giver. Who needs a stupid Wal-Mart card??

    Thx, Leelee!

  4. cool pictures. And my family was from the north too and I live in Texas, through in all fairness my parents were the first to move south.


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