25 August 2009

Our Book!

Isn't it awesome? Our First Steps speech therapist made it for us to use with Woodjie. She took a book we had been using for some time, cut it up, bound it with a backboard for PECS, and made some sweet little velcro things to go with the story. This was starting to fall apart at the binding, so it was a perfect way to save the book and give it new usefulness. Thanks to Bronwyn for the idea! She has plenty of others, and if you have an autistic child (or two, or three...) you might want to pop over and check in.


  1. What an excellent idea! Hope Woodjie takes to it.

  2. Oh! He has a Barney book now too. How great is that? I love it and I hope Woodjie loves it too.

  3. Good idea, but does it have to be Barney?

  4. Casdok, he loves it!!

    Bronwyn, Woodjie has figured out which PECS go where as they are all stuck in the back in order! And you can't mess with the order too much as some of the little pictures are bigger than others. :]

    DF, you're jealous, aren't ya? Actually this Barney book is pretty well-written. Not a literary classic, but at least the Barney kids aren't in it. I can stand Barney, but not those kids!!


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