11 August 2009

Our Classroom.

Hey! I'm participating in Darcy's Not Back to School blog hop and posting my "school room." There it is. Of course, it rarely looks like this. Usually during the school day, it has Elf and Emperor's papers and Woodjie's therapy workboxes and special weighted vest. I store Elf and Emperor's school supplies in a handy bookshelf near my desk. The bottom picture is a peek behind a curtain at our storage shelf in the basement. All our curriculum not currently in use is packed away here, mostly in Huggies boxes. They are nice, sturdy boxes with handles. And since I buy a lot of 'em, they're in uniform sizes. If you zoom in, you'll see that I TRY to group things by a rough grade estimate.


  1. Well my storage shelf doesnt hold huggies. lol Enjoyed the pic of your school room area. I entered this too so come on over and see.

  2. Is it strange to have school in (what I'm assuming) the same place your family has dinner? Are there any transition issues going from breakfast to school time?

  3. Thanks Mrs. D; I've left a comment on your blog!

    Allison, the children eat *most* of their meals in the kitchen. The vinyl floors are easier to clean. It doesn't look it, but these wooden chairs are VERY heavy, unlike the regular furniture store stuff we have in the kitchen that only looks like real wood. The fake wood also takes spills and hot drinks better. :]

    But I am figuring that this table will not make it unscathed through childhood, though I caution the children to be careful with it. USE it, but with respect.

    I still remember asking my mom sarcastically if she would rather *I* broke my leg than her desk.

    "Well," she told me, "your leg can heal, but the desk can't."


    Ok, I let my brother keep that super-valuable desk when my parents moved away to Florida. It just wasn't worth protecting it that diligently, yk?

  4. Coolness. I'll have to post one of these too.

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog. :)

    I also have a shelf full of diaper boxes! We use them for holding craft supplies. On some of them, I cut part of a side off to make it more like a bin -- easy to reach in and out of.

    (Though ours our purple pampers boxes. Hehe.)

  6. I was so impressed by how organized everything was. And how clean your school room was. We have school at the kitchen table. Then everything goes back on the shelves. I am just happy when everything goes back in the right notebook.

  7. I love your 'classroom', and I can see at a glance that you are a highly organised person like me. This is good! *smiles*

  8. Looking forward to it, Virginia!

    Silvermine, I actually prefer Luvs by a mile, but Huggies are the best Sam's Club value (trial and error). Pretty much everything is from Sam's Club for groceries here.

    Zimms, you DO know the pic was kinda staged in that the boys didn't have all their stuff out. :]

    Thanks, Chris! I'm sorta organized in that I know the general location of most anything... I still have to dig through the box to find it.

  9. Thanks for the comment, love your square table!

  10. Yw, and I'm having a blast looking at all the blogs, aren't you?

  11. it's a lovely room
    I recycle old boxes for storage as well
    saves money and trees :)

  12. I love your use of the Huggies boxes. I think all of us have those of some sort, don't we? =)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. I've done this every way there is to do it and finally settled on doing our schoolwork at the dining room table.

    Your space is beautifully organized. The diaper boxes are a great idea.

  14. wow, it is all so organized! your home is beautiful.

  15. I'm lovin' it! Kinda jealous really! See ya round the blogosphere. (PS. I'm blogrollin' you!)

  16. Thanks, Dianne! The Huggies boxes are particularly sturdy!

    Thanks, Missy! Have a great year! :]

    Rowena, thanks for the compliment. Of course you can figure the pic was posed "before" all the kid stuff happened during homeschool!

    Primal, I appreciate it! Thankya!

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog...Yes, this Blog Hop is especially FUN!!! Take care and many blessings to your homeschool!! :)


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