29 August 2009

Prepare for War!

The Blues and the Greys are getting their uniforms together, preparing biscuits, and decorating their flags. The South only gets about two biscuits in this war, but the North will distribute its extra rations after the South surrenders. It's going to be brother against brother, but we'll be sharing some good times and some bad food.


  1. I am REALLY impressed! these are the kind of fun, hands-on lessons that kids really remember, because they also get to explore their feelings as they take part in one side or the other, as well as having fun of course. Lessons are always more memorable when they are FUN! What a fun mom you are!!!

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas (in the Middle East)

  2. No, no, no. Yankees don't get bisuits!!

  3. Thanks, Eileen!

    JJ, no biscuits for Yankees? Bummer! The other recipes in our book called for rabbits and beans and stuff.

  4. What a fun way to learn your history! And I love the way to update their photos on your side bar too!


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