27 August 2009

The South Shall Rise Again!

Well, silly me was trolling around the internet looking to find cute Confederate and Union caps for the boys so that they could have a marshmallow battle on Saturday. Elf will be the South, because the South has the best generals (he dislikes McClellan). He'll win the first battle, tie in the second, and he says that by the third, he will get hungry and have to surrender... LOL. Well, I guess he's been listening.

But look what I found while looking about! The Confederate States of America has its own website, and YOU could apply for citizenship! See, Lee surrendered... not the CSA Government! Southerners are just in occupied territory. All kinds of grand ideas about how the CSA will generously allow Northern business interests to continue to operate in the South after the government takes its rightful place are outlined.


  1. Update: HEY! All my children but Patrick are considered Southern-born and can receive their official citizenship for $50 each. Well, half the money has to go toward getting that Confederacy thing up and running again.

    According to THEM, Missouri is a Southern state. :]

  2. did you see the part about how they plan to "liberate" weapons from the military arsenals of their occupiers!!!!!

    funny how no names are supplied
    they're proud yet anonymous

  3. http://www.confederatestatesofamerica.org/csaprovisionalgovstructure2.htm

    Unless they're fake names, they're not anonymous. There is contact info coupled with names in other places. Really.

  4. And here I was wondering if I sounded like a loon!

  5. LOL Lunacy is in the eye of the beholder. (I think I'm beholding it in the CSA Website...)

  6. Oh brother! Makes me glad I was born in Ohio -- though we moved south when I was only one year.

  7. It's ok... I was born in Ohio, too. You just have to live in the South for six months and be a current resident before sending in your application, documents, and money... LOL :P

  8. Wow. What a find. Looks so official and everything, certainly enough to give you a headache if you're not paying attention. INternet......what would we do without it?

  9. Glad to hear your boys are learning so much [smile].

    Of course, I do love me some controversy. Brought that book with me to class when we studies the Civil War in high school. My teacher glared at me [smile].

    ...I was such a punk.



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