16 September 2009


Luke, God bless him, got me reading a really funny blog written by a fellow in my area. Matt's latest blog post is so funny that you just have to take a look. There are six arguments that atheists put forth that Christians can easily answer. One is the "hypocrite" argument.

"I'm sorry you think that," writes Matt. "I'm sorry you think occasionally failing to live up to high ethical standards is the root of all evil. I happen to think having no standards at all would naturally be much more evil.I'm happy for you that you have no convictions that you might not live up to once in a while.I'm sorry that Christians are the only people who've ever let you down.And I'm sorry that the only Christians you've known in your life were on TV."

Ok. Sneak preview over! Go check out his blog already.


  1. LOL. That's hilarious! I love that too. People think that Christians have to be perfect at all times. Always say the right thing. Then if you ever mess up once, they call you a hypocrite.

  2. Glad you're enjoying Matt's blog too [smile]. Thanks for the link-love!



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