23 October 2009

Indian Arrowhead?

Elf and Emperor found this in our rock garden this summer. They like to imagine that it is a real Indian arrowhead. Um, it's made out of chert. You know, like every other rock around here? And it looks nothing like the nice big, black arrowheads made of volcanic rock (ok, that you can't find for a few hundred miles) that are finely-made and stuck on the end of decorative sticks that we see in the movies. Yikes! Just looked up "chert" so I could show my readers what other examples of chert might look like... and came across this... maybe it is a real arrowhead after all. I could not imagine selling it.


  1. I'm no expert but it does look very much like the arrowheads my dad used to bring home. He would walk the fields after farmers plowed, looking for Indian arrowheads.

  2. I grew up in a Michigan town that, according to legend, had been the site of Indian activity years and years ago. We occasionally came across arrowheads that looked a lot like yours. Still, I'm no expert.


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