01 October 2009

*New* Holi-day.

"There's nothing wrong with God that a dose of reality won't cure," so maybe you'd like to celebrate Blasphemy Day with some friends? I'm thinking that you'll have plenty of time to do that in Hell if you don't repent purdy soon. Just using a little freedom of speech there, friend. While I still can.

I think it coincides with "National Be Offensive For Fun Day" as well as "People Who Are Too Chicken To Pull This Crap in Saudi Arabia Because Christians Are Really Pretty Tolerant But We Don't Want to Admit it Because it Makes Us Look Big And Bad to Fight the 'Power' Day."

It's a pretty busy day, I think.


  1. Unbelievable...

    Really? And, how has he been punished by the dominant culture? A culture whose education, art and music is blatantly humanist and non-Christian?

    Every example this article gave supporting the need to stand of up religious tolerance came from outside the US. [He is most distressed by the U.N. general Assembly considering next month a binding resolution on the defamation of religion] Why doesn't he start a day celebrating a sovereign US that isn't bound by international law instead?

    Oh, and the painting of a black child under the table of Noah's Ark... scientist, you know those people our culture has put in place of God? Well, they support the biblical story that race is an illusion. Genetically, there is no group of genes that cause a person to be one race or another. We "created" race by our own policies, prejudices and pride. There is no such thing as race.

  2. The things folk come up with, really. Blasphemy Day? What day in America ISN'T blasphemy day.

    He says that you can't get away with saying anything bad about Jesus or Mohammed. Well, he's only half right.

    It's apparent that he hasn't been to the movies in the past 30 years.

  3. Julie, I can believe that there is no such thing as "race" until I step outside my door and everyone wants to separate us into little ethnic groups. It's sad, really.

    Terry, you are absolutely right. I just thought this article was so ludicrous that I had to share. :]

  4. Oh, I know that racism exists... but the fact that we identify and divide people along a racial line and Noah's Ark involves one family (hence the artist's argument one racial group)... is not going to shake my faith.

    I could walk by the painting and think, "Gee... that artist needs to educate herself about race." But, I wouldn't think, "She's right. The whole Bible is wrong; we have to throw it all out and construct a new, improved, humanist worldview from scratch."

  5. When people reject the truth they will fall for anything else ~ no matter how weird & bizarre.

  6. I'm offended all the time by other people. There is coming a day where everyone will be able to say whatever they want and Christians will just have to zip it.

  7. I have this sneaky feeling I'll be first on the cattle car if it comes to that because I'm so not dealing with that stuff from other people. LOL (I think you figured that out, friend!)


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